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The Antica Osteria Moirago was built in 1250. It was ceded by the Duchy to the Caimi family in 1469, one of the most ancient noble families in Milan. In 1478 it became an inn and the first letting contract is still in existence to this day, showing an unusual method of payment: every six months, using farmyard animals. Following the widening of the Post Road to Pavia, nowadays the “Giovi” state highway no.35,

a part of the building was demolished along with two terracotta windows topped by an ogival arch and featuring a window sill of considerable architectural merit.
There is only one remaining on one side of the inn. The portico, with four granite columns dating back to the 1300’s, lends a picturesque quality to the building.



The creativity in the kitchen is paired with a wine list suited to every taste.
Our wide selection includes well-known wines from the most prestigious brands in France and Germany, to smaller producers in Italy and beyond. Wherever they originate, quality is guaranteed.
There is also an exciting variety of spirits including an assortment of whiskies, brandies and rums.



Via Pavese 4
Moirago di Zibido San Giacomo (MI)

Phone  +39 02 9000 2174
E-mail   anticaosteriamoirago@gmail.com

We are open from Tuesday to Sunday
12.30 to 14.30 and 19.30 to 22.30
Closed on Monday and on Sunday evening

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